Newborn Bard

Character Animation

It’s week 4, and our character is starting to come alive! 

I’m using Spine, an incredible skeleton-based 2D animation software, for our main character. It’s allowed for some awesomely smooth animations to be (almost) painlessly exported for use in Unity. Spine assets also allow for some very exciting runtime capabilities, but for this project we’ll be keeping it pretty simple, with maybe some animation blending techniques later in development.

Shown first, above, and fresh out of Spine, is a “walking up” animation. This was a good milestone on the art front because it required a nearly complete skin for “facing up” (or “facing positive-Z”). These skins take a lot of time to draw up and pose, but the time investment is quickly redeemed during the animation phase. More time and more reusable textures means more animations and a more lively character.

Also above is a small glimpse of the Dopesheet in Spine. There you can edit the keyframes and timing of all aspects of the animation, from bone scales & rotations, to sprite color, to draw order. On the +Z walk you can see multiple sprites for the feet. 


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